Why would a house have no gutters?

Some homes, homes with private qualities, do not need gutters. A house without a basement or a home with excellent landscape drainage may not even need gutters. Rain can fall from the roof of the entire house and drain off the walls, thanks to gravity. A house without gutters allows water to fall directly from the roof to the foundation.

Any small crack or pore in the base can let water enter the basement and cause flooding. With gutters, water can be effectively directed to a downspout and away from your home, preventing more devastating and costly damage to your living space. While gutters are not required by law, they are necessary for most homeowners to prevent damage to their homes. Read below for some of the main reasons why gutters are needed.

Homes built with adequate grading or on high ground may not need gutters. However, if your home doesn't have good drainage or leveling, you may need a gutter system to prevent erosion. Over time, the uneven surface extends to the base. You might notice that foundations, uneven floors, or cracked walls cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Houses built according to the code are located on a slight slope to keep runoff away from the foundations. If rain falls from your roof because you don't have gutters, the water causes massive erosion, dragging more and more land every time it rains. This causes your carefully sloped landscape to wear out, allowing runoff to flow into your home instead of away from it. A gutter installation service has the right equipment to evaluate the house model, budgetary requirements, and safety equipment to install a durable gutter.

Blaine Filan
Blaine Filan

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